35 leper family’s lives at LEPER COLONY DOWNDALE PHAGLI Shimla in umpteen shanties just below the old bus stand on the main circular road. This Leprosy colony is excluded from rest of the population of Shimla town. Other 120 marginalised families also lives in same area. Visit to this colony was almost after two decades and we found many of them have died during this time. Some of them whom we met are still struggling with many issues.


People affected by leprosy are often subject to discrimination and stigmatization. This situation has negative effects on access to diagnosis, outcome of treatment and outcomes of care, in addition to violations of civil, political and social rights. Ending discrimination, stigma and prejudice is fundamental to ending leprosy.


Children with certain areas of weakness or disability often also have other areas of strength or ability. When deciding what work skills a child should be helped to develop, it is generally wise to pick those in areas where the child is strongest. Children living in leper Colony Downdale Phagli have big dreams.


Like Shubam 14 year old is differently abled child and loves technology. He has a desire to learn computer for which he is ready to travel every day. We are raising funds for his monthly travel which come to Rs.3000 per month by sharing cab so that he can attend school for children with special needs (CSN). Cost of Program is Rupees 76, 000 for one year.


There are 80 young children who are interested for education and livelihood program. We are looking forward to our donor, friends and family members support for starting small centre which will enable us to work towards fulfilling these children dreams.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.