The power to end poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity is in people. Every person can make a difference. Every person is powerful and has something to contribute. When people work together they are even more powerful. We are committed to uniting people for their common good.


Our approach focuses on mobilizing resources—human, economic, and natural—for sustainable, life-changing initiatives. We use an asset-based community development approach that encourages self-reliance and inspires appreciation of existing resources in the community and the confidence to build upon them. We constantly challenge ourselves and others to do more with what we have. We believe that with an attitude of resourcefulness, positive change is possible even in low-resource settings.

We facilitate change by bringing together voices of the community, the ongoing efforts of local groups and organizations, and the local resources identified in the community, connecting them with international forums, corporate, students, professionals and donors who want to make a difference. We believe better results come from working together; we strive to combine diverse experiences, talents, and perspectives to make stronger outcomes. We respect diverse perspectives as they are critical for constructive dialogue and meaningful progress; we deliberately seek out those perspectives and engage the community in dialogue around important issues. In this way, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We put our heads together with the community at the lead to address issues and bring solutions into reality in a sustainable and locally-appropriate way.



We begin by listening to our community. Our community consists of local NGOs and community members, universities, students, alumni, staff, donors, and socially responsible companies. We listen for what each is seeking to accomplish and what they have to give. After identifying community priorities we build programs.


We work with a wide range of grassroots community development organizations addressing issues important to their community such as safety of women and children, access to health care, clean water, livelihood improvement and income generation, education, gender equity and Human Trafficking. We have local staff on the ground who are members of that community and who stay in touch with what’s happening.


The agenda is set by those local community development organizations. They put forward their ideas and initiatives to improve the quality of life in their community. RDF then works to mobilize human resources, funds, skills, and knowledge to support those locally-led initiatives.



RDF believes in collaboration with like-minded organizations and support the advocacy work of networks and organisations on tackling and preventing child poverty and promoting child well-being at national and sub-national level.


We believe in empowering Individuals, Families, and Communities for preventing the conditions that foster sex trafficking, bringing justice and hope – one life at a time.


Our efforts are focused to fight against the underlying causes of poverty, building safe, secure and resilient communities and ensuring a life of dignity for the most excluded, marginalised and vulnerable communities.


We follow our call responding to human suffering, graduate communities to tackle extreme poverty and develop safer communities.

Our Vision

A world in which millions of children, young adults, men and women live a life full of dignity, justice, security and free from poverty.

Our Mission

Reaching out to broken people in order to restore their dreams and rebuild their lives with affection, love and care. Our efforts are focused to fight against underlying causes of poverty, building safe, secure and resilient communities and ensuring a life of dignity for all from the most excluded, marginalised and vulnerable communities. We strategically emphasise on improving people’s health and wellbeing, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities and promoting the rights and voices of women and girls to ensure their full participation in social and economic systems and stand with them against exploitation and discrimination




At Restoring Dreams Foundation , we serve with humility and recognizing that we all have value, and we all deserve to be seen, known, heard, and accepted. We respect and celebrate the strengths and dignity of each individual.


We develop relationship as we seek to create an inclusive community that welcomes all, and through that sense of belonging communicates, “People are important and worthy of love.”


We invest wisely and hold ourselves accountable for quality and lasting results. We seek to be truthful, honest, and reliable to our stakeholders, community partners, other service providers, and supporters. We seek to demonstrate integrity and good stewardship in all that we do.


We go beyond conventional ideas and approaches, acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversity, so that new possibilities and innovation can flourish to ensure positive change and greater impact.


We recognise that we will never have all the answers on our own, so we seek out trusted, like-minded partners to help us be the best we can. Our partners are our equals and share our philosophy and values. We treat each other with respect and integrity. We are direct, open and honest with each other, saying what we mean and doing what we say. This leads to constructive dialogue, which inevitably delivers the best solutions. We work together to make great things.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.