Emergency Response and Recovery Program

YEAR 2021



During peak month of COVID19 last year RDF responded to the various needs of the children and young population. One of the need was identified by the chairperson of various Child Welfare Committees in Mumbai Metropolitan Region was to protect children living in government and private institutional care from COVID 19.


Restoring Dreams Foundation (RDF) met the needs of the people by supplying the following things:

  • 5000 sanitary napkins distributed to adolescent girls and women living under institutional care.
  • 1000 N95 children mask in 3 shelter homes in MMR Region.
  • 2000 cotton mask given in 3 shelter homes in MMR Region.
  • 1000 hand sanitizers distributed in homes.
  • Medical bills worth 15,000 rupees paid of COVID 19 patients in Thane Municipal hospital.
  • 2 children who lost their Parents due to COVID19 are taken under RDF care for their further education

August, 2021



We conducted a workshop on women safety awareness and self-defence with 20 survivors of trafficking at a privately-run shelter home for girls in Mumbai. The main objective of this training programme was to make girls more confident by empowering them to defend themselves in times of danger. The training provided tips and tricks to handle emergencies and difficult situations.


The survivors staying at this home are studying through the NIOS program (10th & 12th Standard) alongside 18 months skill development program. We provided them with school notebooks, stationery, sanitary napkins and good quality bathing soaps.

22nd July, 2021



While Mumbai is being plagued with heavy rains, the needs only increase and we continue our CNCP project. We traveled to the outskirts of Mumbai to support 37 girls living in a shelter home.


RDF support kits include:

  1. School books (Marathi and English medium) 1-10th Std
  2. Notebooks & drawing books
  3. Stationery & watercolors
  4. Handwash & N95 children masks and cloth mask
  5. Hand sanitizer 1000 ml bottles for the home

We are grateful for the support we have received and believe in transparency. We cannot continue our CNCP program without your help. Our goal is to reach 2000 marginalized and destitute children and women in 2021.

Help RDF continue to be a bright light of love to the vulnerable in Mumbai Metropolitan Region Maharashtra & India. Details about CNCP and location withheld as per the India Juvenile Justice Act, 2000.

15th July, 2021

UPDATE I- PROJECT CNCP – Children in Need of Care & Protection


As the challenges increase with the start of this academic year across the country, most states have announced virtual classes for this school year. With the generosity of our friends, Restoring Dreams Foundation was able to provide school books, masks, and other essential items to 177 children residing in shelter homes. We will be continuing our COVID-19 Relief and Recovery program across Mumbai & the State of Maharashtra. It has been an intense week for us and a lot of joy to see the smiles on these children’s faces.

We are dependent on your support to reach our goal by impacting 2000 children and women in 2021. As no dream is achieved without support, we hope you will stand with us for the cause of children in need of care and protection.



Please write to us if you are interested to know more, or visit our donation page

23rd February, 2021



RDF is supporting children of manual scavengers, waste pickers, widows, single mothers, visually challenged, and marginalized. These children are in need of help to re-start their education as school’s start for a new session (April 2021-March 2022) Donate to help us support these children. More details in the image.

21st October, 2020

While most of the world is trying to get over the COVID19 crisis, it is particularly hard for children struggling without school lunches, and many families are barely getting enough food to last a week.
RDF has delivered groceries, hand washing soaps, and other essentials to those in need. We have been able to deliver these services from the past seven months during the lockdown period to 59 children and 29 families.

On 21 Oct 2020 RDF provided monthly groceries and other essentials like hand washing soaps etc to widows, blind and single mothers including their 14 children.
Help us support the needy.

18th September, 2020

Dear Families and Friends,


This pandemic has impacted the underserved communities more than others due to their financial and health disparities. Their lack of basic necessities and feelings of isolation have compounded their existing inequalities. We’re living in strange and uncertain times. We don’t know how long COVID-19 is going to continue spreading. When so many things are uncertain, we can remain certain of this one truth: Love never fails.


On 18th September we continued distribution of monthly groceries to the widow’s, single mothers and their children living in Boisar underserved community. We stand with the marginalised and weak, who are hit badly due to the pandemic.


Residents of the Boisar community have been informed about our COVID19 Post Recovery Program for Families In Need . We are compiling data of surveyed children

20th August, 2020

Children of widows and single mothers continue to be hit hardest by the financial pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have reported feeling worried, down, depressed, or hopeless during the past few months.


Our COVID 19 Relief program this month has focused on them. On 12th August we distributed Groceries and other essentials to widows including 22 children some are survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.


RDF is analyzing data of school-going children collected by our volunteer in Boisar. This will give us an opportunity to ensure that children are back to school and receive support when they experience harm

20th July, 2020

The worldwide economic downturn that has followed the corona virus outbreak has been devastating in India.

For the past several months, we have been delivering dry groceries and hand sanitizers, washing soaps to children living in shelter homes, widows, and rag-pickers (waste pickers) living in underserved communities.

As the lockdowns are easing, the economic damage has not gone away. Cases of infections and other diseases are on the rise. The desperate need for help and intervention is only increasing.


Our 2nd monthly relief distribution on 10th July covered 14 Rag-picker families in the Boisar area including 45 children. (age 5 months to 18 years)We will continue our relief program until August and then move to the recovery phase from 1st September 2020.


Friends of RDF please continue to be a bright light of love. Together we can reach out and show them true love in action, but we can’t do it without your help.


6th July, 2020

“Refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul”


Today there are millions of poor who feel the same way. They believe that no one cares for them, and it is a tragedy. It is up to you and me to show them that there are people who care, who love them and are working to meet their urgent needs.


On 4th July we distributed Ration and hand sanitizers to 7 widow families on priority basis. Rest of the families will get it on 10th of July.


For the past three months, we have been delivering ration and other essentials to 25 Rag-pickers families in Boisar Palghar District. Threat is so great and we need you to stand with us in this great cause today.

30th May, 2020

This pandemic is forcing us to prioritise while continuously reminding us about what’s truly important in life. The days are evil and we at RDF are taking the opportunity to serve lovely children in one of the children’s home in Raigarh district. Yesterday we distributed dry groceries, Dettol soaps and other essential products to these lovely children.


We are continuing our relief program, but we can’t do this without your help. Help RDF continue to be a bright light of love to the vulnerable people in Mumbai, Maharashtra & India. We are requesting you to assist us so that we can meet this urgent need of the vulnerable population. We have stepped out in faith because the need is so great, and we hope you would stand with us for this cause.

15th May, 2020

When we go through times of adversity, it’s a bit easier if your friend goes through it with you. The old saying, “A joy shared is doubled, but a burdens shared is halved” is true.


RDF is grateful to our close friends and supporter who has shown great concern for the vulnerable people during these difficult times and sharing the burden with us.


Love and compassion is not actually expressed by a greeting card, flowers, or other gifts, but by what we do. Those things in themselves are not bad, but talk is cheap compared to love in action. Love is a verb. It is what you do more than what you say or what you feel. Human feelings are not reliable indicators, but things done in love are.


Yesterday at Boisar in Palghar District we were able to provide monthly grocery to five more widows and their 23 family members including 16 children. RDF volunteer  Sayra who herself is a widow keep visiting this small community of 250 families  to identify those who are at the verge of complete breakdown at the bottom of pyramid and have no food to eat. We value her dedication and compassion for people.


People are important and worthy of love. There are more request coming in from various quarters for the support and we at RDF is  planning to raise support for trafficked children/children of women living in  red-light area of Budhwar Peth Pune.

We are grateful to you for generously supporting RDF’s COVID -19 Emergency relief and recovery fund.


The crisis we are facing is having an enormous impact on our most vulnerable, our children. Poverty is likely to rise disproportionately among children, leaving them at greater risk of neglect and abuse in vulnerable communities and under the weight of this health and economic emergency. There are many things out of our control right now but we CAN still control how we treat each other, especially the most vulnerable amongst us, in small ways.


This week we were able to supply grocery to 25 Boisar Rag Picker families in Palghar District of Maharashtra. Around 54 children of these 25 families, age 3 months to 18 years of age and the oldest Salma Begum 97 year old doesn’t need to worry about food for this month.


RDF decided to support this community for two months (May & June) as a relief package but going forward as we develop a recovery package, we are hoping to raise donations for the month of June so that they can get back to work and sustain themselves. We plan to raise more funds for school-going children, for their school books, stationery, and uniform as educational institutions might reopen in the month of July or August.


Once again, we thank you for being a loyal supporter of RESTORING DREAMS FOUNDATION

27th April, 2020

COVID- 19 Emergency Reliefs and Recovery Program


Today we went forward with ration distribution at Boisar (Palghar district) but it was cancelled as a positive case of COVID-19 was found in the market. The entire market will be completely shut for 5 days. We will attempt the distribution of groceries in the first week of May

20th April, 2020

RDF continues to provide monthly groceries to our beneficiaries in Palghar, a district in Maharashtra.

Donations are welcome to enable us to provide 25 families with groceries for the month of May & June. These families work as ‘Rag Pickers’ but with the current pandemic are struggling to feed their families.


Through these unprecedented times, we pray for your safety and good health.
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at the right time.