For every 100 girls that enrol in a school in rural India, only 40 reach grade four, 18 reach grade eight and only one makes it to grade 12. On average, adolescent girls also marry younger than boys (19 vs 23). This increases girls’ chances of being pushed into early marriage, sex trafficking, child labour or into the informal sector during their adolescent and adult years.


We support schools, community based organisation and NGOs working directly at the grassroots level with the economically and socially disadvantaged to make education accessible and relevant. The programmes supported by Restoring Dreams Foundation under this category:

  • Reach out to the rural, semi-rural and urban slum communities– to impart structured education to underprivileged children. The programmes work at child protection policies, providing quality education and curb drop-out rates. It includes; Pre- school, Formal education, After School Programmes, Digital education, Life Skill Education, Professional Education and Strengthening School Infrastructure.
  • Children in Need and Care – Special children require special care. We believe in extending our support to the caregivers and those who are working to help them develop to their maximum potential. Special children include those who are victim of sexual abuse, child labour or those with physical or mental challenges, visual, hearing and speech impairment.

Community Engagement

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Health & Nutrition

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For every 100 girls that enrol in a school in ...
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