The programme works towards providing a disease free childhood in order to enjoy a healthy and responsible adulthood. Aims are to fight for an anaemia free world for the children, and to sensitize adolescents to their reproductive rights and sexual health.

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health Education for Children- In spite of stringent laws to protect children against sexual offences, little children continue to be abused both at home and in the community. Family and support systems do not know how to inform their children about safe and unsafe touch. As a part of our core commitment for behavioural changes in the children, we are initiating a project in Mumbai, Thane and Raigarh District to address the Adolescent Reproductive Health Education for children.
  • WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) –This project education and Practice in Schools aims to leverage knowledge on behavioural trends related to hygiene practices for providing ground-level solutions for sustainable impact.
  • Malnourishment – With the help of dedicated staff and medical student volunteers/doctors, the programme to developed systems to assess among young children.
  • Workshops on Critical sickness- 30 % of people who suffer heart attack are affected before the Age of 40 Yrs. More than 7 Lac new cancer cases diagnosed in India every year. Over 8 Lac people die of cancer every year in India. 9 Crore diabetics in India by 2025. India is Cardiac Capital of the World.  We equip change agents to conduct workshops around communities where they live. RDF believe old saying that Prevention is better than cure, Practice mindfulness. Reach out for help.  Go Easy on Yourself.

Community Engagement

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Health & Nutrition

The programme works towards providing a disease free childhood in ...
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