RDF mission also include enabling those living in poverty to achieve economic empowerment through responsible financial inclusion and capability development. We do this by engaging with partners across India, where large population of the world’s poor live. We help them deliver better financial services and economic opportunities to those living in poverty.


RDF offers a wide variety of advisory and consultation services pertaining to business and entrepreneurship, based on the needs of individuals, communities and organizations


  • Financial Inclusion & Entrepreneurship Our work focuses on promoting responsible inclusive finance, building financial capability & consumer empowerment, and developing smallholder agribusiness solutions. We also deliver interest free loan capital raised from the Indian public. Together these powerful tools empower people to create lasting change for themselves.
  • The beautician programme – Salon-I targets young women in the 18-35 age categories, providing them with basic beautician skills and empowering them to become entrepreneurs.
  • The construction skills- programme to provides up skilling and re-skilling opportunities to amateur and experienced workers on-site
  • The retail programmes – to provide small shop owners and channel sales representatives with the requisite skills to enhance sales and their own incomes.
  • Youth Social Innovation and E-Learning – In association with partner organisations to undertake skill development programmes imparting skills for communities with a focus on young adults. RDF Youth and Social Innovation training programs are designed to empower individuals as social and entrepreneurial innovators and advocates in their own communities. They are the change maker.

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