According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), India has approximately 30 million orphaned and abandoned children. SOS Children Village conducted a study in 2011 and concluded that orphans in the country equal 4% of India’s child population.


Restoring Dreams Foundation (RDF) want to ensure children are safe. We know that being safe and secure drives children sense of wellbeing. We believe in working with families, schools, government institutions as well as children themselves. We believe child protection helps in rebuilding and transforming lives and would like to create lasting impact in our cities in India.


We are privileged to serve 32 children (3-18 Yrs.) of one of the Residential Child Care Institution (CCI) in District Champaran, Bihar, India. RDF is supporting two major needs of this home:


EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT- With our well-wisher support RDF extended one time educational support to Mahima home children. Annual cost of these children’s are Rupees 120,000.


NUTRIENT FOOD SUPPORT – School-age children need to eat foods from all five healthy food groups’ @vegetables, fruit, grain foods, dairy and protein. RDF has extended this support to Mahima home children from January 2022 onwards. RDF extended children grocery needs of rupees 15,000 a month from January 2022 onward. These children are from various background and experiencing loving, caring and protective environment which is a basic foundation of growth of children.


We are grateful to our friends who relentlessly support all our initiatives in India. Request you too join our initiative to transform these lives.

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